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Our Work


July 2019 - Offspring - Luna01

June 2019 - BBC NHU - Seven Worlds

May 2019 - Adenium TV France - Rendevous in a Land Unknown

April 2019 - Betty TV - Red Bull Mountain Biking

March 2019 - Plimsoll - Minotour

March 2019 - South&Browse - Naivasha

February 2019 - Silverback - Perfect Planet

December 2018 - Save the Elephants -Thermal imaging Sagalla Elephants Crop Raiding

November 2018 - Green Mountain Coffee

November 2018 - Standard Chartered TVC

September 2018 - Silverback - Our Planet 

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Aerial Filming

Video Production


Established in 2013, Highly Visual was the first dedicated drone company in East Africa.  We are the most experienced operators in the region.

Having undergone commercial drone training in the UK we also comply with the strictest insurance standards to ensure compliance whatever your project.

Although based in Nairobi Kenya, and mostly operating in East Africa, we have experience flying professionally in more than 14 countries across 4 continents.



Rates vary depending on the nature and duration of your project.

We also occasionally do pro-bono or discounted work for worthwhile causes.

Please get in touch for a quote.

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Kenya Phone: +254 (0)701 397911

UK Phone: +44 (0)7510 945952

Skype: Barnytj